1. Is there a Food and Beverage Minimum

Yes. The Food and Beverage Minimum is $350 per person and is not pre-billed. Members must use this amount in the restaurant, Stanley T’s, between club opening and September 30th. Alcoholic beverages are included. Unspent balance is billed to member account on October 1st.

2. Are there any other fees on top of Initiation Fees and Dues?

The only additional cost is $100 per person for a share at $100 (no HST). This is refunded at time of resignation of membership.

3. How often do the Initiation Fees change?

Initiation Fees and Dues are reviewed each year by the Membership Committee and the Board when setting the next year's Budget. Initiation Fees are adjusted as the economy fluctuates to assist in attracting and competing for new members.

4. Do new members sign a contract?

The only contract member’s sign is their application form, whereby members agree to adhere to Club policies.

5. Is there a cap on membership and if so, what is the current cap number?

Currently, the cap is 390 consisting of Senior (7 Day), Five Day (Mon-Friday only) and Intermediate members.

6. What has been the average annual increase over the last few years?

Usually based on Inflation.

7. Does a spouse or secondary member have to apply at the same time as the primary member?

No – they may join at any time after the primary member joins, for 50% of the then current Initiation Fee + applicable annual fees. A secondary member must be either a spouse or an immediate family member.

8. What are the financing options available?

Financing options are available for both the one-time Entrance fee and Annual Dues and can be tailored to any individual. Please inquire with the Club.

9. Is this limited to the initiation fee or can the annual dues be financed as well?


10. What does the membership include?

Your annual dues include club storage, cleaning, pro shop services, practice range, putting green, reciprocal privileges, Club events (extra charge), various programs - Men's Wed. morning, Thursday evening, Ladies Tues. Morning, Mixed events.

11. Are there any restrictions on tee times, etc.?

No - only during outside events which are kept to a minimum.

12. How far in advance can tee times be booked?

7 days

13. How are they booked (e.g. on-line vs. call)?

By phone, online, email or in person in the Pro Shop.

14. Is it first-come first-served?


15. Does this apply to reciprocal members as well?

Reciprocal tee times are arranged through our Pro Shop. Up to 14 days in advance.

16. Is this enforced for all members?


17. What times typically book up first?

Sat/Sun mornings between 8am and 11am

18. What are the details of the reciprocal agreements with other clubs? Are there any additional fees to play these courses?

There are no additional green fees for members - carts, food, beverage and guest fees if applicable, which can be charged back to your Briars account

19. Are there any restrictions on tee times?

Yes. Ask the Club for a detailed list.

20. Is there any limit to how often they can be played?

2 times per club per month for most Clubs with certain limitations on others. Ask the Club for a detailed list.

21. The web site indicates that the participating clubs can be played for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Is this correct?

Correct – green fees for members are included in annual dues; however, members are responsible for their guests' fees, meals, etc. Members must include their Briars Member Number and sign chits legibly.

22. What is the difference in the reciprocals with Meadowbrook & Toronto Ladies vs. the other courses?

Meadowbrook and Toronto Ladies are part of an alliance arrangement with more flexibility in tee times with these clubs than the others.

23. Are junior members allowed to bring adult guests?

Yes – they may bring guests and pay the applicable green fee.

24. How many times in a season may I bring the same guest?

Maximum 8 times.

25. Must I be present in order to entertain guests?

No, a policy was approved in 2008 allowing a member to book tee times for guests without the requirement to be part of the group (after 11:00 am).The member is, however, responsible for ensuring that his or her guests abide by the Club’s policies.

26. How can I arrange golf lessons?

Just call the pro shop and speak with the Head Golf Professional or Assistant Professional.

27. Can I purchase golf products not displayed in the Pro Shop?

Yes. Please speak with our Head Golf Professional who would be happy to assist you.

28. How do I arrange club fitting?

Speak with the Head Professional at ext. 226 or another member of the Professional Staff at ext. 222.

29. Can I arrange for a private function in Stanley T’s?

Yes - just call 905-722-3772 ext. 224 and speak with our F&B Manager

30. Can I hold a family or corporate event?

Yes – please call the General Manager at ext. 223 or Head Professional at ext. 226.